Psaltirea in talcuirile Sfintilor Parinti - Vol.1
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2013-09-17 20:24:04
absolutely nothing about whheter 1. his job should exist at all and 2. whheter the government or individuals ought to be the ones making choices about from whom to buy lemonade/who should be allowed to sell it.any system is prone to abuse. i'm sure you can pay off professors to give you a medical degree too if you try hard enough. arguing that because it's possible to subvert something therefore it ought not exist is making the perfect the enemy of the good.bobble-bond rating is a bit of a special case (particularly is so prone to subjective slant). i don't seem to recall any scandals around the good housekeeping seal of approval, ISO 9000, energy star, or any of dozens of other voluntary standards. most of these are based on observable facts, not future projections. i don't think S+P and moody's are a relevant comparison to something like ISO 9000 or a sanitation standard, particularly as use of the rating agencies is not voluntary, but rather mandated by law. this takes the pressure of needing to provide a useful service out of the equation. if a movie reviewer is consistently wrong, you stop reading him, just as you ignore a weatherman who is always off. but with moody and S+P, you have to buy it anyway, not matter how useless it is. sophisticated bond investors have ignored these ratings for ages. many issuers would rather not bother getting rated. it is the fact that they are REQUIRED that keeps the rating agencies from getting better.if you are forced to use an agency no matter how bad they are, they inevitably turn into the IRS or the DMV. because their use is mandatory, the ratings guys are not forced to provide a value proposition for what they do. a voluntary certification like ISO 9000 is. the incremental benefit from taking a bribe to certify is outweighed by the damage such a thing would do the the brand if it came to light. this enforced discipline. if the michelin guide started selling stars to crappy restaurants, we'd stop using i said above, i'm sure you could, if you tried hard enough, subvert virtually anything, but frankly, in the case of a sanitation standard, it's likely cheaper in most cases just to comply than to pay off inspectors, particularly if they need to maintain a brand.that's the strong argument for taking such rating/certification powers away from government agencies. a private business like zagat or ISO will go to great lengths to ensure the quality of their brand. their entire business depends on it. government agencies and government mandate eliminate that discipline and result in lower standards as a result.

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